featureSales, Marketing & Consumer Engagement For the Financial & Retail Sectors

JWR has a proven history of assisting our partner’s increase their bottom lines through the acquisition of new customers. As sales & marketing specialists, JWR will work with you to develop a customized approach to increase visibility around your product line. From credit card promotions to banking and point of sale demonstrations, JWR can help you optimize your business lines.

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Direct Promotions

direct promotions

Our strategy is to acquire new customers though well trained staff that focus on the value proposition of a product. This approach results in better quality sales and higher active customers that in turn reduces costs for our partners. 

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Consumer Engagement

consumer engagement

JWR’s unique approach leverages a combination of demonstration & experience based marketing to provide clear results. Our point of sale method does not simply give away products but leaves a valuable ‘memorable moment’ with each interaction.

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Join an organization that cares about their people and will help shape your future. At JWR, we offer valuable industry leading training, a positive work environment and endless growth opportunities.

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