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Our Clients vision was to move acquisitions from velocity and approval rate based to now include actual usage metrics. In order to evolve into this next level of acquisition, JWR executed the following:

  1. Researched consumer behaviour to determine how our sales staff could impact usage
  2. Designed a new training DEK that taught our teams how to execute a sales cycle to manage velocity and a post sales cycle to manage usage
    • Incorporated specific terminology designed to create ‘memorable moments’ that would encourage usage
  3. Worked with our Client to develop first use offers that when combined with the new JWR training program would inspire customers to use the card
  4. Trained all JWR managers involved in the program on the correct delivery of the new training DEK
  5. Updated IS reporting to track usage data
  6. Conducted a full training program and re-launch with every member of our team involved with the new direction of the campaign
  7. Introduced in-field predictive behaviour analytics to ensure that all employees remained aligned with the changes
  8. Introduced a new compensation model correlated with usage to drive the necessary behaviours in field

The scope of this challenge was National and meant the complete realignment of over 90 employees to deliver on the new vision. The result of this unilateral shift was a new direction for JWR and the Client that further strengthened the relationship based on the value we could now provide. The qualitative results from this shift produced a new breed of sales associates and managers as well as a more meaningful customer interactions. The quantitative results produced higher net active customers and lowered the acquisition costs for our Client.


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Direct Promotions

direct promotions

Our strategy is to acquire new customers though well trained staff that focus on the value proposition of a product. This approach results in better quality sales and higher active customers that in turn reduces costs for our partners. 

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Consumer Engagement

consumer engagement

JWR’s unique approach leverages a combination of demonstration & experience based marketing to provide clear results. Our point of sale method does not simply give away products but leaves a valuable ‘memorable moment’ with each interaction.

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Join an organization that cares about their people and will help shape your future. At JWR, we offer valuable industry leading training, a positive work environment and endless growth opportunities.

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