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When approached with this opportunity, JWR had to prepare for a completely different vehicle of acquisition that now incorporated an interactive environment. Furthermore, the new activity would require a staffing and management team that had an experiential marketing background along with computer technical skills. To mobilize on this opportunity, the JWR team executed the following:

  1. Senior management met with all stakeholders to develop a critical path
  2. Recruiting was deployed to seek out candidates with the correct background/experience to be successful in this new environment
    • This also included recruiting a new manager to lead this group
  3. A customised training DEK was developed to provide staff with the necessary skills to manage both velocity and experience
  4. JWR steered the campaign in securing multiple high end venues at Cadillac Fairview and Ivanhoe Cambridge Properties
    • Negotiated leases within the established budgets and assisted in creating awareness of this new brand of program
  5. Customized training was provided to all new staff/management in accordance to the deliverables of the program

JWR was able to successfully launch this new initiative within the prescribed timelines and help foster the acquisition channel. To date, JWR has excelled in executing this interactive sales model and remains the Clients top-performing supplier nationally.


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Direct Promotions

direct promotions

Our strategy is to acquire new customers though well trained staff that focus on the value proposition of a product. This approach results in better quality sales and higher active customers that in turn reduces costs for our partners. 

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Consumer Engagement

consumer engagement

JWR’s unique approach leverages a combination of demonstration & experience based marketing to provide clear results. Our point of sale method does not simply give away products but leaves a valuable ‘memorable moment’ with each interaction.

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Join an organization that cares about their people and will help shape your future. At JWR, we offer valuable industry leading training, a positive work environment and endless growth opportunities.

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